Sunday, July 29, 2007

The girls discover the luxury of a hot tub...

Our hotel had indoor pool and hot tub facilities and the girls could not wait to try them out!
We had barely made it back to our room after a late dinner before they started clamoring for a trip to the "pool room". So around 10 pm, off we go to explore the amenities.

Miss B quickly discovered how relaxing the hot tub can be and gladly took many opportunities to indulge. (Back and forth, from the pool to the hot tub to the pool to the hot tub...) Of course it didn't matter at all if there were one or twenty-one other people in it already...she just helped herself. She really was too cute lounging about.

Miss K saw the hot tub as an opportunity to pose for a picture. Yes, she eventually got in...but only if big sister would lift her off the step and gently lower her in. (I am so not kidding. I watched this more times than you can imagine.)

Our little hot tub princesses!

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