Sunday, July 29, 2007

Water stairs and water scared...

These are the "water stairs". These were the hit and highlight of the entire trip.
I don't actually know what their official name is, but the girls have dubbed them the water stairs and thus they will forever be known. We visited these glorious stairs everyday. The girls literally had to be begged, cajoled, bribed, and threatened in order to leave. I'm thrilled they loved them so much! Honestly, the trip was worth it just for the time spent here.

The stairs emptied into a large wading pool. The first day, the girls had on regular clothes and were "supposed" to only wade to their knees...yep, you guessed it... before it was over, one of them was completely soaked! Any guesses who?
Miss K "claims" that someone bumped into her and made her fall. Maybe so, but I've yet to see my child fall down without hysterics quickly following. And I've known her, her entire life!
So yes, Miss K was soaked and loving it! Of course, Miss B quickly tried to follow by "accidentally" getting "too close" to the water. (I am now rolling my eyes.)
The second day we came prepared. The girls wore their bathing suits under their clothes, so as soon as we finished at the aquarium, they were ready!
(You can see the girls in the lower right corner in this first pic.)

I have to admit, the water was divine...especially after a long day on your feet carrying around a backpack that weighs more than all my kids put together...but more on that later.
We tried so hard to get little man to touch the water, but not so much. One little drop was enough for him. You would think he just wasn't interested, but I think he was just flat out scared.

He spent his time on the "dry" stairs next to the water. I think he was practicing for a modeling career. (Steve doesn't seem to like that idea...) Whatever. Our little man looks precious and, boy, was he glad to be out of that stroller!

We came across more water later in the day that the girls just had to run through. For those of you familiar with downtown Chattanooga, you'll recognize that there is no shortage of water places. The girls stayed entertained most places we walked. Thank you to whoever that design genius is!!!
So anyway...we found this one place where little man actually wasn't intimidated by the water and actually braved reaching out to touch it...with toes and fingers! (safely tucked into his stroller, of course...wonder if it became his security blanket?)

Hooray for the Chattanooga water supply! The girls are now begging to live there. Steve has tried to explain to them about the commute he would have to get to work and then back home everyday, but they seem to think it would be worth it.
I'm so proud of how compassionate they are...

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