Sunday, July 29, 2007

A day at the Children's Museum & the...Aquarium?

Our first full day in Chattanooga was indeed that...full.

We started out by going to the Children's Museum (not really the accurate name, but I can't remember it right now). This place had so much stuff to see and do! I actually thought it was a little overwhelming, but the girls had a blast running here to there touching everything within reach. Fortunately this is one of the few places on earth where that is allowed so I didn't need to have ongoing heart failure.

The following pictures are just a few of the highlights. If you really want to see the entire experience, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to send more pics your way. :)

One of our favorite stations in the museum was the "air blower" as the girls called it. I'm pretty sure the point wasn't to blow hair, but had something to do with the ball...

Although, Miss B did like that it looked like she was doing magic!
Hokus Pokus Turkey-bone Chokus, Grandpa!
One of the areas was all about Alice in Wonderland. I don't think the girls have ever even seen the movie all the way through, but that didn't stop them.
Steve discovered this one. You can see how "big" they grew... (I think this was Steve's favorite.)
Little man had fun peeking in the rabbit hole. I think he was just happy he finally got out of the stroller for a little while.

This sweet lady noticed me taking tons of pictures of the kids and Steve, so volunteered to take one of all of us together. At least now there's proof I was actually there too. (And do you notice the whopper of a backpack I've got on? Yep, I'll post about that later.)

The mirrors were hysterical! We all loved seeing ourselves: short, tall, squiggly, bug-eyed & big-headed, skinny (my personal fave), and as you can see below...short and fat. Although it doesn't appear by the picture that Miss K enjoyed a glimpse into ChubbyLand.

Miss B thought it was funny...come on K, lighten up. :)

As we were leaving, the girls had to climb around "just one more time". I asked them to go as high as they could. They made it most of the way before they looked down and decided they were good enough.

We left the museum and moved on to the IMAX to watch Deep Sea 3D. Let's just pics, large 3D icky deep sea life that was pretty creepy even to this adult, girls lasted about 30 minutes, little man lasted 3.
Next, we moved on to the aquarium. (I said our day was full.)
You would think since the aquarium was the main reason we went to Chattanooga, I would be posting tons of pics of our time there...unfortunately, not so much. We did have our picture taken as a family in front of their green screen. Of course, seeing as how it was one of the two that actually showed us all together and the only one of us in the aquarium (the entire reason we went to Chattanooga in the first place), we bought the whole package. So if you'd like a copy, we have extra... :)
Most of the pics I took can really only be appreciated by us because we're the only ones who can figure out what exactly is in the picture. Oh well...the girls love them and that's all that matters.
This one of Miss K touching a mantaray turned out great, though. And you wouldn't have even had to be there to figure out what it is a picture of. Yay for small miracles.

Just to sum up even without pictures to highlight...the girls LOVED the otters, the penguins, the super-huge sea turtle, the shark, and the butterfly room. That room was really cool. There were hundreds of butterflies flying all around you, and on you. We loved it!
To our already full day, we also added: playtime on the "water stairs", playtime anywhere there was water at all, having the kids profiles sketched, Cheeburger Cheeburger, Ben & Jerry's (oh my gosh! I may have to post about that individually!), another swim in the pool and hot tub, two shuttle rides, and a partridge in a pear tree.
We were so done.

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